Friday, April 19, 2013

Painting Tau Sun Shark Tutorial part-1

    Yesterday I have showed you the Sun Shark Bomber. Today I would like to show you how I went about painting this little aircraft.

     The first step was to paint the model with Skull white primer.
I followed that with a flat coat of the old Citadel range Tausept Ochre, airbrushed all over the model.
    The second step was to prepare the stencils. I took a sheet of plasticard and cut irregular shapes to do the camo. The plasticard was 1 mm thick. The thiner plasticard you have the better, because you will need to place it flat on curved surfaces of the plane.

     I took out the airbrush and off we went.

      The first set of shapes was made with Vallejo air range Orange. At this step I tried to cover more then 40% of the planes surface.

      The second set of shapes was painted on using Vallejo Air Sand Yellow. At this step the important thing is too cut the yellow surface as much as possible so that it will appear more like shapes and not like the planes actual colour.

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