Sunday, April 21, 2013

Painting Tau Sun Shark Tutorial part-2

    Time for the second part of the Tau Sun Shark Tutorial. Today we will be discussing the detail finish after the painted camouflage. Boys let's get to it.

      After we have the camo done its time for details. I started this by painting the exhausts, pipes, rockets, guns etc. with Abaddon Black.

    When all that needed to be black was painted, it was time for some balance in the world. So I added some white. The parts painted with white were the drone holders on the wings.

     At this step it was time to do some contouring and lining. I washed all the grooves with Agrax Earth Shade. Also by using Russ Grey I lined all the black parts.

     I finished the model with lining the bright parts with Ushabi Bone and the black parts Space Wolves Grey. After that I painted the lenses red and the model was done.

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  1. This is so far beyond my skill level. It's almost frightening to see what all goes into it. The base on that thing is sweet as well.