Friday, March 30, 2012

Green as a lizard.

First update on my Salamander Project.
     It's been mostly green stuff work now. Those are the few things that I managed to do lately and I  wanted to show them to you guys. Vulkan is coming pretty sweet I must say . I didn't think that he's going to be such time-consuming but hes like 80% done so I'm glad. I need to finish his left hand, flames, and the scaling on his cloak.

     The 1st Rhino ready for painting.

      I still have a problem with what to equip the dreadnought with. I'm thinking of 2x TL auto cannons.



  1. Great sculpting. They look damn good.

  2. Excellent work. I am very impressed with everything I have seen of yours, but Vulcan really is superb! I can't wait to see him finished. If he is anything like the overlord, I am sure the finished product will be mind blowing.

  3. Hi,
    Your site is looking so beautiful.................