About us

Starting as table top gamers, playing mainly Warhammer Fantasy Battle. Gaming and painting started to be our regular hobby that we were really into. We formed many friendships, met a lot of people. Saw that some of our fellow players lacked the time or skills to enjoy this hobby as much as we did. That were the reasons we decided to help you get more satisfaction from our beloved games.

Den of Imagination Studio came to be through cooperation of two individuals who started their carrier as freelance commission painters. We are in this line of work since 2008. Currently we accept commissions from clients from all around the globe. Year by year we grow in numbers, increase quality and the range of our services. This constant growth is achieved by the trust of our clients, who satisfied with the quality of our services are returning to place more orders. With each and every order we try to suprise and amaze them with the results! (unless they want no surprises) 

Our studio is really focusing on the quality. The goal is to bring your table top experience to a whole new level. We organize many workshops and seminars for our staff to constantly increase their skills. We are using many different techniques of painting. We are skilled with the brush, as well as the airbrush style. What characterizes us is the multitude of painting levels - starting from basic painting, to the high end showcase miniatures. Thanks to the different level-prize bracket our clients can easily customize their commissions to fit the desired painting scheme and their budgets.

We guarantee best quality, fast turnaround and reasonable prices. We have a professionally equipped studio and our still growing staff of painters and sculptors is ready to work on any project you can imagine.

Our studio offers a variety o services. The full service includes buying the models, full assembly to the finished product. Everything is calculated in a detailed pricing. If you want to do the assembly by yourself, you can save some money by doing so but we recommend using our service because the fees for assembly are low and we clean the models to a very high standard (drilling gun barrels, pinning big elements etc.) We also offer services like stripping the old paints from the models, LED lights installations, making and painting dioramas and even whole battle boards.