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Friday, November 30, 2012

Chaos lays waste to the lands of men

     The display base is finished. The base that is placed on the "lava" area is just a filing in for the Daemon Prince. Now it reminds me of a jin-jang symbol but soon it's going to get some nice colors  It was quite fun building this terrain. I used a lot of crackling paint to make chaos waste land  theme. When chaos is advancing, the volcanoes on the planet erupt shifting the landscape, causing disorientation to the defending troops. I just can't wait to peal the tape of the sides. It's going to be awesome. Literally days form finishing.

     Can you tell from the photo how many 25mm round bases are there on the picture ? 

     The decision hasn't been made yet but it looks like the Ultra Marines will suffer again from the hands of Khorne's Warriors. To change their victims of chaos vote on this pole.

Feed your Imagination,

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Brutal as Hell

    Just an update on the "Chaos Legion" project. Soon to be finished, soon to appear on eBay. 

Feed your Imagination.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

How to paint Khorne Space Marines

     Specially for all you Khorne fans I had put up a tutorial on how I paint up chaos space marines.  In this process I used an airbrush to create the first highlights and finished off with a lot of wash work. I started by preparing the mini priming it with Chaos Black.

I. When I had my mini ready and primed I airbrushed it with Vallejo Air Dark Brown color. When the coat was dried I covered it with Vallejo Air Light Red but only from the front and the top of the model. I tried to leave the deepest areas brown. I finished with  Vallejo Air Orange color sprayed only from the top finishing my pre-shading process.

On this picture you can see that all the bottom surfaces were left in a dark brown color.

II. After the pre-shading was done I started to paint all the gold elements using Vallejo Game Color Gold. At this stage I also painted all the black parts like chain mail using GW Abaddon Black.

III. To give some depth to the gold I washed it with GW Shade Reikland Fleshshade. I did apply the wash all over the gold parts and I infringed towards the armor plates.

IV. At this point I needed to let's say escape the orange tone and bring back the Khornish redness  So I glazed all of the central areas of all red armor plates with GW Glaze Bloodletter. That made for a really smooth transitions. Unlike washes, glazes don't tend to leave borders of concentrated pigment when they dry off so they are excellent for this kind of job.

V. With my armor highlighted I needed to separate parts from one another. for that purpose I used GW Shade Nuln Oil. I washed every recesses that connected the armor with the gold elements and also parts of armor connecting one another.

VI. At this step the model was coming to live. All it needed now was to do some lining on the gold parts. I did it with GW Chainmail  After that  I started painting up all the details and did some more glazing to saturate the red color a bit more.

VII. Glazes and washes even after drying can leave a certain glow to them so it's important to apply a coat or two of Matt Varnish to the models. On this picture the coat hasn't fully dried yet but it's looking quite nice.
Examples of using this method:

    I have to say that I'm in love with glazes and you should note an important thing about them that you can mix them together to get different colored glazes for your minis. I think that this method, when comparing the time spent on painting the models to the results is really good .

     Hope you enjoyed this tutorial, if you have any questions regarding miniature painting don't hesitate to contact me. I will answer your questions to the best of my possibility.  Also if you want to show support you can like my Facebook page and keep track of new wip pics and articles.

Feed your Imagination,

Friday, November 23, 2012

Thoughts from the Depth #3

    Hello Ladies and Gents! Sorry that there's no cool post for today but I was preparing that red power armor tutorial that some of you requested and in the middle of it my two, not one but, two sets of batteries went dead on me and my possibility to make this tutorial got delayed. I'll do it on the weekend probably so expect it Monday.

   I thought that this will be a good opportunity to list few projects that I have in plans for the near future. Here it goes. First of all, the mentioned painting tutorial followed by coconut roots basing tutorial. After that how to paint desert sand bases. I have to add "Painting etherals" on my list for sure because of past requests and I mean like ancient past. There should appear a position to the conversion tab. I do that a lot so a tutorial for it would be awesome.

   Speaking about tutorials, did you see me do anything that you found interesting and want me to do a tut on it? If you have any requests don't be shy and just post it down in the comment section below.

    Also I did some work on my Vampire on Nightmare project and I have to say that I'm still struggling between themes. I'm lining more towards cold blue colors and a Winter-themed base but Red Duke comes to mind . I mean who doesn't love Vampire in Dark Red armors. Any suggestions?

Have a nice weekend and feed your Imagination,

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Gift for Khorne

     No, no one is going to kill anyone. I have painted few Chaos Space Marines from my Khorne project. I must say that the red is coming quite nice now. I think that a tutorial will be in order, yes? I'm really pleased with the shading I managed to achieve with the airbrush before painting any details. Washes just took that a level higher and now they are really vibrant. On this project I'm trying out methods that don't require layering almost at all. I'm mainly using washes and glazes. Still need to add few details to those guys but they already rock anyway.

     I leave you with a sneak peak of my personal project- a Vampire Count Vampire Lord. Many of you probably know that VC is my favorite army. Unfortunately I haven't done any models from it for a very long time so when I found this one in my bits I just couldn't help myself.

Feed your Imagination,

What do you want to do?

A must see vid!

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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Liebster Blog Award

     Another member is doing the blogger rounds - the Liebster Blog Awards. The rules are pretty simple - if you have received one of these awards, you put a post up with a link back to the blogger who gave you the award, then award it to 5 other blogs that you think deserve it.

TamsionP from Wargaming Girl gave me This Liebster Award so if I understand correctly I should pass this down to next five bloggers that I like or think they deserve it. So here it goes.

Five award winners:

First award goes to Camelson from Camelsonart: His painting style is really original and in my liking and he paints some amazing minis .

 Minion Studio: For their beautiful armies. My favorite one is the Necron Scythes Circus

Arbal from Coloured Dust: His product reviews are something to keep an eye out for.

Inkub from Wojna w Miniaturze: for his multi-language blog about the hobby and many other things.

The Dark Templar: For his cool chaos space marines.

Pass it further and remember to promote those smaller bloggers that need your support!
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Monday, November 19, 2012


     "Kill for the living, kill for the dead!" Here he is Horus the Lunar Wolf. Ready for a paint job. I really like how all the parts come together in a way that it's not noticeable that they are magnetized. That will be handy during painting. I'm really happy with the result hope you like him too.

Feed your Imagination,

Friday, November 16, 2012

Thought from the Depth #2

    Busy week indeed. Unfortunately, not much painting done but I did manage to turn around few heads with my coconut article. It received a massive review on BoLS which gave me huge traffic so a thing to be proud. Who would have thought that it will make such an impact on the community  I certainly did not. But it did and now our hobby has become a bit more Eco friendly ^^.
    On the other note I have started working on my Diablo III character. It's not a main project I'm doing, some sculpting when Horus waits for the green stuff to harden. He's going to be in a bigger scale something about 50-70 mm, don't know yet. Does anyone know by just looking at this leg who will it be? 

Horus build is almost done I needed to make his cloak fully compatible to the rest of the model with magnets and green stuff before I could shape the wolf and the fur on it so not much noticable progress but it won't be long now. The client is still thinking of giving the green light for my brush on this so I'm staying positive. I will be ordering an engraving for him with the Lunar Wolves battle cry so he will get a little bit of extra awesomeness. This project will be so cool when finished...

     After this I'm going to go crazy on my Chaos Display board unless someone drops me a ton of models to paint but I don't mind It will get painted up eventually.

Have a nice weekend and feed your Imagination,

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Where's my wolf?

    Horus build is coming to a glorious end. My main focus is directed to sculpting the fur section on his cape. At first I thought that I was going to do the whole model in on piece. I know how difficult painting models with so many details can be. So I placed magnets in the hands and on the cape. This will make painting of this model much easier for the client. I'm still hoping that he will commission me for a nice paint-job on this guy but that's not sure yet. I've shorten the bolters and now the "Talon of Horus" looks more appropriate. Oh boy, can't wait to see this one painted he will make an impression. 

Remember, be happy about magnets and...
Feed your Imagination,

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Fifty shades of brown

     Here is my take on the Bray Shaman. I have painted him a a month ago just didn't feel like posting pictures. Now he is available on eBay so good luck on your bidding. Hope you like him.

Feed your Imagination,

Monday, November 12, 2012

Basing with Coconut

     Do you have that feeling when you look at something totally ordinary for most people and you are thinking "hey I can use this for a diorama or a conversion"  Lately I was shopping for groceries and i had that thought when I saw a coconut. I reminded when I was a young wargamer I would use a half of coconut to represent a goblin hut. But now when I'm more experienced I see a wider set of possible uses for the coconut.

    First thing I noticed were root-like structures on the surface of the coconut. So I pealed them off and put them in a bag for future use. I'm not going to show you in this article what to do with them but I'm going to use them on a diorama as Tree roots exposed on the ground.

     Ok the second thing that came to mind was that the shell of a coconut is an excellent source of material when it comes to building sharp edge rock bases. When you are done separating the coconut meet from the shell you just need to take the shell put it in a towel or a blanket and smash it with a hammer. I was going for some bigger rocky plats. But if you want smaller rocks you just need to keep smashing it a bit longer. Those are my coconut materials.

      I went ahead and build a base using this material. Super glue stuck to it really good. When the super glue dried I added some pva glue and sprinkled the base with sand. The cool part about basing with coconut is if you put your coconut with the outer side towards the ground you will have some of the root things hanging down from it imitating plant life.

How do you use your coconut?

Feed your Imagination,


Talon of Horus

     Aka Power Claw. It's not an easy task but I think I'm getting there quite nicely  I started to build it from a Space Wolves Power Claw and I figured that the claws could look awesome as fingers of the talon. It was a really long process but I managed to make four fingers from the spikes and I made the thumb using a Hormagaunt claw. I have mixed thoughts about his bolter. I think I will shorten them a bit on the back. Also I won't add any amo belt to it like Abadon has it. He has shot out all the bullets at this point.

Feed your Imagination,