Thursday, November 1, 2012

Thoughts from the Depth #1

     It's been a fruitful week. I managed to do some good stuff. Finished the Daemon Prince, got started on the German Orc, posted a sculpting tutorial. I think I like the direction in which everything is heading. People accepted my new layout and the whole name change. Most importantly I like it better now and I have a feeling that everything is looking more professional on the site.

   Now I have few projects started at once but the biggest priority goes to the Orc and Pre Heresy Horus. Yep going to build Horus in none chaos theme. After that I'll probably finish up that Khorne force.

   I was talking about starting a Death Wing army few weeks ago but now I have a bag of terminator waiting for the codex. I figured that it's no sense doing an army right before the new release. This one will be my personal army for 40k, hope that it's going to kick ass. There is a really good chance for that because it will be written by the same guy who wrote new Necrons and Gray Knights. But that codex will probably be released in December so you won't see any Dark Angel action going on for some time.

    On the other hand I was thinking of a plan how to spread my activity on the Net and I thought that doing something entirely different from the GW franchise would be a good idea. I plan on doing something from the Diablo III Game and try to get it on their Facebook site to score some likes. But I'm not going to tell you what character I'm going to build. You will have to wait for it.

   Oh I almost forgot, I will be launching an indiegogo campaign to build something that will kick ass so hard that it will make your brain explode. But I don't have the money to do it that's why I'll resort to Indiegogo, wish me luck on that one.

    I leave you with a pumpkin i carved. I tried to make it look like logo of the Den, you like ?

Remember to feed your Imagination,


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