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From our painting service - our level 6 (Legendary) Bio Titan! Paulina did wonderful job...


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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

It's getting really red in here!

     I had some time on my hands so I airstruck those Khorne worshipping bullies. Actually I airBRUSHED them. Yeah it was a lot of airbrushing I even did some nice effects on the axes. No time for long time consuming detail painting. Did you see those Chosen guys, they are detail monsters I tell you. But they are really gorgeous models. Can't wait to see this force all painted up on a display base woohoo it's going to rock your socks off!

Feed your Imagination,

Monday, October 29, 2012

German Orc?

     Warboss in a german coat project continues. I still need to make his pet for him and do some minor finishing touches on the Orc but I might say that he is 90% done. The pet will be a squig with a cigar in his mouth wearing a spiked collar. The Orc will hold him on a leash. He will represent a german shepherd.

Feed your Imagination,

Speed Painting

     On the 27th there was a speed painting competition in my home town hobby center. It was organized mainly by Arbal from Coloured Dust with help of Grajfer, Minion Studio, Twierdza Toruń and me! The goal of the competition was to paint a Sea Guard High Elf in 2 hours. There were three different awards. There was the Master Award chosen by the jury which was Arbal and me. There was the Painters' Choice Award. Every contestant could choose two models he liked the most anonymously. The one with the most votes wins. And there was a Special Award chosen by a sponsor.

    There were a total of eleven contestants. For the Painters' Choice they chose Tomasz Cyrek aka RatChatcherPL. He went with a bit different approach and painted the Sea Guard in more of a Dark Elf style I would say. Plus his execution was really smooth. I think we have a growing talent here in Toruń.

The special award went to Michał Jędrzejewski, his painting was really good. He came for this competition specially from Włocławek. He didn't leave disappointed. We hope to see him again on the next edition!

     The Main Prize went to Tomasz Cyrek. Yes the jury chose the same guy that the contestants chose. He was really happy with his result and I must say he earned it. So start training your skills today, may be you will win the next edition!

    It was a really fun and pleasant event. What mini should we give to the contestants for the next edition?

Feed your Imagination,

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Flaming Weapons

   Today I'm going to show you how to make a flame on a weapon from green stuff. It will be useful to give this extra magic look on a special weapon wielded by your heroes. We will need a plastic bits, a sword works best. Some green stuff, lube for the green stuff I use hand cream and a sculpting tool.

Step one.
The first thing you do is prepare your bits to hold green stuff much better. You can rough it with sand paper or a hobby knife. Be sure to do it only on the places that you want your flames to be.

Step two.
Roll some green stuff and make some triangular shaped cones which will be the base for our flames.

Step three.
Put the cones on the rough spots of the sword with the wider end. Put some cream on it and with delicate moves flatten it a bit with your fingers. Let it harden a bit for about 20 minutes

Step four.
After that shape your flames with the sculpting tool by making ridges in the triangular shape. When making ridges pull your tool towards the sword. Now put some cream on your hands and curve the flame at its top.

Here is an example of such flames made by me on a model that I did long time ago.

Hope that this tutorial will be helpful for you guys. If you have some questions about making flames, please post them in the comment section.
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Feed your Imagination,

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Fear the Reaper Man

     Finally got around to post some pics of my Hussar 2012 entry. In this category I had to compete with Karol Rudyk, Slayer sword winner, C'tan and the winner of Hussar Nakatan so there is no shame that I didn't win anything but still I'm proud of this guy. I made him from Dark Angel chapter upgrade kit plus new Raven wing raider torso from Dark Vengeance  I really liked the head piece with the hood falling down like that. It's just awesome sauce all over. For the Blood on the Chainsword I have to thank Marta from Twisted Brushes. As for the temple tiles c'tan's tutorial came in handy.


Feed your Imagination,

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Roar of Lightning

     Hello, today I present you finished Daemon Prince of the Night Lords. This big guy is going to represent a Terminator Lord I did earlier this year. When he gets possessed this is what he will turn into. I think that you can see the similarities. I have to say my favorite part of this guy is his head, that's a really impressive skull.

Feed your Imagination,

Monday, October 22, 2012

Khorne Force is coming

     Lately I decided to do something with my Chaos Space Marines that I have left from the Dark Vengeance box set. So I searched my bits and gathered all Chaos that was laying around. A Daemon Prince, Hellbrute, Chosen SMs, CSM and a Chaos Lord was all I could find. So without hesitation I started building up some models. This is what I have build so far:

     It's a nice start, I plan on doing a nice wooden display base to make those models suitable for gaming and also display purpose. The Daemon Prince will be flying above the lava and the rest of the force will be advancing through a chaos wasteland. Hope you got excited the same as I did.

Feed your Imagination,

Friday, October 19, 2012

Desert Sand Dunes


Hello Ladies and Gents. Today I'm going to show you how to make Desert Sand Dunes on your Wargaming Bases. To do such a thing you will require wargaming base, PVA glue, modelling sand, a piece of green stuff, some brushes and some hand cream or any other cream. 

Step one.
Mix your Green Stuff 1:1 and put it on your base. Try to make a flat surface but not too thin.

Step two.
Now using some hand cream, spread the green stuff over the whole base. If you want some higher ground on it it's best that you push more green stuff to that side at this step.

Step three.
Cover the wooden end of your brush with hand creem and use it to make depressions in the green stuff's surfaces.  Be sure to make them parallel, try to achieve a natural pattern. Make those depressions deep, the sand will fill them up later. When shaping the recesses do it from the edge of the base towards the center. That way you will avoid green stuff getting onto the side of your base.

Step four.
When the sculpting is done you can glue some bits like skulls, bones or some vehicle parts to the base and you can put some rocks on the base as well. At this point the base needs to be set aside and you should wait a couple of hours so the green stuff hardens.

Step five.
When the green stuff is hard you need to wash the base with soap to get rid of the cream. Dry out the base. Now put some PVA glue on the base. With delicate strokes along the recess spread the glue. Try not to cover the whole pattern made out of green stuff with the PVA glue. Now cover the base with sand and let it dry.
 And that's how you do a sand base. I leave you with some Sand Dune photos so you will have some point of reference when working on your bases. I'll try to put up a painting tutorial on this base in a few days.

Feed your Imagination,

Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Awekening

    Hello everybody. I have decided to change  the layout of the blog, and its name. When I first started blogging I didn't put too much time and attention to the look of things. I made some lame signature in gimp and left it like that. For the past few weeks my activity has decreased rapidly on the blog due to all the preparations I had to make in order to launch the new, hopefully better, layout.

    I started by figuring out a new name for the Blog, oh that was a tough one. There were a lot of competitors like "Old Skull Studio", "Minion Cave", "Painted Skull", "Total Painting" but none of them seem satisfying enough. After literally weeks of thinking it just struck my mind. "Den of Imagination" I thought it's goooood. So it stayed, my wife was happy with it too so all was good.

     Second the logo,  I actuallny didn't have one before. Having it is a really good advantage, people recognize you by seeing your logo here and there. So I had to figure out something this time for sure. The name was a point of reference. The logo had to resemble the name. I'll try to break it down for you in detail. The skull is a home for your mind, it's where your brain is. It's your doorway to other reality, different places that you can't normally acces, it's the place where you create totally different things. It was perfect to represent the Den of Imagination. I chose the black colour to represent the darkness when you go to sleep. That's the time when you can get lost in your imagination so that's why black. We try to express ourselves by painting miniatures and making models and that's why a strong splash of paint is breaking out of the skull. It symbolizes your imagination coming to life. I chose a bright blue color because it reminds my of the stars and looking at them really feeds the imagination, doesn't it? I accented it with a blip of paint and the logo was done.

    Time to say goodbye to the old blog.

     Ok now that I brought a name change and a visual change to the blog, don't think that I'm going to stop there. I plan on adding tutorials much frequently and post a lot more on the blog then I used to.

     I hope that I will be able to bring you some good quality reads and pics and that we can learn a thing or two on this ride. it would be awesome to see your thoughts on the whole operation in the comments so feel free to write anything that's on your mind.

And remember keep feeding your Imagination,