Friday, October 19, 2012

Desert Sand Dunes


Hello Ladies and Gents. Today I'm going to show you how to make Desert Sand Dunes on your Wargaming Bases. To do such a thing you will require wargaming base, PVA glue, modelling sand, a piece of green stuff, some brushes and some hand cream or any other cream. 

Step one.
Mix your Green Stuff 1:1 and put it on your base. Try to make a flat surface but not too thin.

Step two.
Now using some hand cream, spread the green stuff over the whole base. If you want some higher ground on it it's best that you push more green stuff to that side at this step.

Step three.
Cover the wooden end of your brush with hand creem and use it to make depressions in the green stuff's surfaces.  Be sure to make them parallel, try to achieve a natural pattern. Make those depressions deep, the sand will fill them up later. When shaping the recesses do it from the edge of the base towards the center. That way you will avoid green stuff getting onto the side of your base.

Step four.
When the sculpting is done you can glue some bits like skulls, bones or some vehicle parts to the base and you can put some rocks on the base as well. At this point the base needs to be set aside and you should wait a couple of hours so the green stuff hardens.

Step five.
When the green stuff is hard you need to wash the base with soap to get rid of the cream. Dry out the base. Now put some PVA glue on the base. With delicate strokes along the recess spread the glue. Try not to cover the whole pattern made out of green stuff with the PVA glue. Now cover the base with sand and let it dry.
 And that's how you do a sand base. I leave you with some Sand Dune photos so you will have some point of reference when working on your bases. I'll try to put up a painting tutorial on this base in a few days.

Feed your Imagination,


  1. Hola
    Facil y practico,GRACIAS
    un saludo

  2. A sword is one thing, but how would one do add flames to an axe?

  3. Hi, I've decided to try this for a "martian sands" type basing for my Mechanicus conversions, but am having trouble getting the colors done right when painting them. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks for the great tutorial.

    1. I usually go with 4 drops of Yellow and 1 Drop of Brown for the main color. After that dry brush with some bone color.

  4. Can I license the desert photo for an indie film cover? Our budget is micro, but I love the san dune photo.