Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Awekening

    Hello everybody. I have decided to change  the layout of the blog, and its name. When I first started blogging I didn't put too much time and attention to the look of things. I made some lame signature in gimp and left it like that. For the past few weeks my activity has decreased rapidly on the blog due to all the preparations I had to make in order to launch the new, hopefully better, layout.

    I started by figuring out a new name for the Blog, oh that was a tough one. There were a lot of competitors like "Old Skull Studio", "Minion Cave", "Painted Skull", "Total Painting" but none of them seem satisfying enough. After literally weeks of thinking it just struck my mind. "Den of Imagination" I thought it's goooood. So it stayed, my wife was happy with it too so all was good.

     Second the logo,  I actuallny didn't have one before. Having it is a really good advantage, people recognize you by seeing your logo here and there. So I had to figure out something this time for sure. The name was a point of reference. The logo had to resemble the name. I'll try to break it down for you in detail. The skull is a home for your mind, it's where your brain is. It's your doorway to other reality, different places that you can't normally acces, it's the place where you create totally different things. It was perfect to represent the Den of Imagination. I chose the black colour to represent the darkness when you go to sleep. That's the time when you can get lost in your imagination so that's why black. We try to express ourselves by painting miniatures and making models and that's why a strong splash of paint is breaking out of the skull. It symbolizes your imagination coming to life. I chose a bright blue color because it reminds my of the stars and looking at them really feeds the imagination, doesn't it? I accented it with a blip of paint and the logo was done.

    Time to say goodbye to the old blog.

     Ok now that I brought a name change and a visual change to the blog, don't think that I'm going to stop there. I plan on adding tutorials much frequently and post a lot more on the blog then I used to.

     I hope that I will be able to bring you some good quality reads and pics and that we can learn a thing or two on this ride. it would be awesome to see your thoughts on the whole operation in the comments so feel free to write anything that's on your mind.

And remember keep feeding your Imagination,


  1. First of all l like your logo so much.
    Can u make me one?:D

    Old blog is not bad but this is ..............

    Nothing to say

    its very good

  2. Nice new look mate. I think we all go through it at one time or another ( and some just cant stop messing around with it, Guilty as charged here! ). I like the new look though, and the banner/logo are great. Still looking at what I should be having as mine as well.. mmm maybe a contest to generate ideas?