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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Displayed Night

    The Nightlord Project is progressing. Taking into account that the resin for the frozen lake hardens few days I decided that it's time to make the display base. I drilled a lot of holes in the wood, made a resin rock for the Raptors. I wanted them to be on higher ground like scouting troops. All the Termis are scattered around advancing towards the enemy. The Daemon Prince will be ascending from a warp portal that will be on the ground. He will be placed at the back of the display (white "DP" circle). He will be a big model so placing him at the front would cover the models behind him.  

As for the terrain and bases I used the new Citadel Northern Wastes Basing Kit and Citadel Under-Empire Basing Kit. When all bases and the display will be painted all up I will cover most of it with snow. Can't wait for the end result.

Feed your Imagination,

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Night Termination

     Termis on the table. It's an unique composition for this unit because it has a quite original gear set. We have a Thunderhammer Stormshield guy, three claw sets and a big chaos gun, don't remember the name of it. But those guys are supposed to look good on display so that doesn't matter. The only important thing is an appearance.

    For the Stormshield guy I made his shield from scratch.  Used plasticard and sculpted some Nightlord iconography. I also added a set of wings to his thunder-hammer to make it more Nightlordy. As for the claw guys that was some major kit bashing. You can find bits from Forge World on them and few from the Chaos Terminator Lord.

Feed your Imagination,

Friday, January 25, 2013

Lethal Lightning

     Still need some adjustments here and there and snow on the bases but I couldn't resist an update. 

Feed your Imagination,

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Swift horrors of the night

     Some wip photos for you hope you like. I really like the helmet painted like it's a skull. That was the client's idea. Those guys have so many details.They come close to the Chaos Chosen guys from Dark Vengeance.

Feed your Imagination,

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Beauty of the Automatons

      A friend send it to me and it's simply amazing. For those of you who are into miniature art. 

I consider your Imagination Fed for today so..

Monday, January 21, 2013

Nightlord Dreadnought

    First piece of the Nightlord diorama is done. Just twelve models to go. I'm thinking of doing the Raptors for the next piece but I may do some termis who knows. Ok Enjoy the gallery. And you can rate this guy on Cmon.

Feed your Imagination,

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Machine of the Night

     Dreadnought 80% done. Need a nice base for him and finish up few details. Can't wait to see him on the diorama. I need to glue the arms now and I have a dilemma. Should the claw be raised or the meltagun? What you think?

Feed your Imagination,

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Reinforcements have arrived

     So the shipment has arrived and taking no time I went straight to building. Got five Raptors already set up. They still need some greenstuff work but they already have the Nightlord theme all over them.

     There will be a unit of five Teminators, three claw guys, one with the big gun and a Thunderhammer/stormshield guy. I'm not sure about the spikes on their back. I'm not really a fan. I think I will have to swing another idea by the client. bits are working really well with this set. Can't wait to paint those guys up.

     Got everything I need for this project now. How do you like the idea of the Hive Tyrant's wing used for the Daemon Prince of the Nightlords?

Feed your Imagination,

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

In love with the dark side I'd found

    Good Morning all. So the first one is already getting done. Forge World Dreadnought arrived first. Because of my overlooking I didn't notice that the Dreadnought is sold without any weapon options. So I had to make some of my loyalist Dread hands that I had in stock. I gave them a bit of a chaos taint and they fit nicely. Both hands are magnetized so it will be easy to swamp them when needed.

    I must say at the start I wasn't a big fan of Nightlords but the more models I do and get deeper into them, the more I realize that they are the best resemblance in WH40K to the Vampire Counts from WFB and all you veteran Den visitors know how I love a good vampire.

     Before any models arrived, I already started working on the display base. Here are Ultramarine corpses. Some of you probably saw this on my Facebook. Hope you like.

Feed your Imagination,

Friday, January 11, 2013

It's Important to have a good base

     Hi! I have been testing out some of my new Vallejo Air paints and I got to tell you I did a lot of air brushing today. I started a huge chunk of bases for my Dark Angels project, those are pre-wash/drybrush faze so they look a little flat. When I look at such thing and think that I could have been doing it with a brush ohhh myyy... I can't imagine a life without an airbrush now. This took me just an hour or so to paint up to this state. I would probably spend a whole day doing it with a brush. Especially when it comes to those spaces between the tiles. How annoying is that to paint with a brush come on. 

   All those bases are sculpted and cast by me from scratch. Despite few bubbles I'm quite pleased with them. I'd like to mention the ruined pillar on the Flyer's base that is from Minimonsters. I thing it fits nicely to the whole ruined temple theme. I totally recommend buying those pillars if you need to do some temple stuff.

     Here are some pre-grassed ones almost done for some new bikes.

Feed your Imagination,

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Nightlords are coming...

     While the forces of mankind grow in strength, the Dark Angels master their new technology and regroup their forces. There is something which is growing in the shadows, far more dangerous than you could ever expect.....
    Long time no see. Let my begin by saying that I'm fine and doing well  Lately, I have been occupied by more work at the keyboard ordering minis, bits, paints and stuff. I'm preparing for 2013 and I got a big project ahead of me actually two big projects.The one you already know the Dark Angels but I'm going to post pawn them and focus one my latest commission which is a Nightlords army. Oh that's what he meant in the first paragraph. Yeah I'm going to do a really nice Nightlords force on a Display base, similar to the Chaos Legion but totally different. It's going to have a more cold wasteful feel then the lava hostile wasteland. I'm probably going to go with snow but that's a decision that I'm going to make later. The force will include fourteen miniatures. There is going to be a really bad ass Daemon Prince. Yes another one. I made like five or six DP's last year so I need to break the record I guess.

    Well I could tell you more about the project but I would spoil your surprise so that's all I'm going to tell you for now. Keep your eyes open, it's going to be awesome!

Feed your Imagination,

Sunday, January 6, 2013


     Hello everyone! New Year, new awesome stuff is waiting around the corner... Due to the New Dark Angel release and a brand new codex I prepared a special offer for all the wargamers who want to get their First Legion on the table all painted and ready for battle. So till the end of January all commissions for Dark Angels accepted by Den of Imagination will be shipped FREE OF CHARGE.

    Additionally, every client will receive a special secret gift to be revealed after unpacking. The bigger the commission, the more awesome the gift will be. Who knows... maybe you will be the one to get a Dark Talon.

     For more details visit the commission page or write to me. 
     The special offers ends 31th of January at 00:00 CET