Thursday, January 10, 2013

Nightlords are coming...

     While the forces of mankind grow in strength, the Dark Angels master their new technology and regroup their forces. There is something which is growing in the shadows, far more dangerous than you could ever expect.....
    Long time no see. Let my begin by saying that I'm fine and doing well  Lately, I have been occupied by more work at the keyboard ordering minis, bits, paints and stuff. I'm preparing for 2013 and I got a big project ahead of me actually two big projects.The one you already know the Dark Angels but I'm going to post pawn them and focus one my latest commission which is a Nightlords army. Oh that's what he meant in the first paragraph. Yeah I'm going to do a really nice Nightlords force on a Display base, similar to the Chaos Legion but totally different. It's going to have a more cold wasteful feel then the lava hostile wasteland. I'm probably going to go with snow but that's a decision that I'm going to make later. The force will include fourteen miniatures. There is going to be a really bad ass Daemon Prince. Yes another one. I made like five or six DP's last year so I need to break the record I guess.

    Well I could tell you more about the project but I would spoil your surprise so that's all I'm going to tell you for now. Keep your eyes open, it's going to be awesome!

Feed your Imagination,


  1. I love Macgayver but I also love cheese.

  2. Night Lords are the natural predator of the Dark Angels so it's very timely and ADB made them really cool with is Novels. I'm pretty sure they are made of awesome sauce and badassery! Looking forward to this.