Thursday, January 31, 2013

Displayed Night

    The Nightlord Project is progressing. Taking into account that the resin for the frozen lake hardens few days I decided that it's time to make the display base. I drilled a lot of holes in the wood, made a resin rock for the Raptors. I wanted them to be on higher ground like scouting troops. All the Termis are scattered around advancing towards the enemy. The Daemon Prince will be ascending from a warp portal that will be on the ground. He will be placed at the back of the display (white "DP" circle). He will be a big model so placing him at the front would cover the models behind him.  

As for the terrain and bases I used the new Citadel Northern Wastes Basing Kit and Citadel Under-Empire Basing Kit. When all bases and the display will be painted all up I will cover most of it with snow. Can't wait for the end result.

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