Friday, January 11, 2013

It's Important to have a good base

     Hi! I have been testing out some of my new Vallejo Air paints and I got to tell you I did a lot of air brushing today. I started a huge chunk of bases for my Dark Angels project, those are pre-wash/drybrush faze so they look a little flat. When I look at such thing and think that I could have been doing it with a brush ohhh myyy... I can't imagine a life without an airbrush now. This took me just an hour or so to paint up to this state. I would probably spend a whole day doing it with a brush. Especially when it comes to those spaces between the tiles. How annoying is that to paint with a brush come on. 

   All those bases are sculpted and cast by me from scratch. Despite few bubbles I'm quite pleased with them. I'd like to mention the ruined pillar on the Flyer's base that is from Minimonsters. I thing it fits nicely to the whole ruined temple theme. I totally recommend buying those pillars if you need to do some temple stuff.

     Here are some pre-grassed ones almost done for some new bikes.

Feed your Imagination,


  1. Jak odlewasz własne podstawki, robisz tylko nakładkę do przyklejenia na właściwą podstawkę plastikową, czy odlewasz w całości, już z rantem właściwym?

  2. These are excellent! I got an airbrush over Christmas and am going to have a go at something similar, cheers for the inspiration! What did you make the tiles from in the first instance?