0. Is the price for a single miniature or a unit?
- The price in all categories is per one miniature.

1. Do you take commissions?
- Yes! If you need painting, converting, sculpting, assembling, cleaning, literally anything regarding the hobby, don't hesitate - simply contact us via service@denofimagination.com.

2. Do you order the models?
- Yes we do! We order them in regular retail prices.

3. What information do you need to prepare a precise quote?
  • Name – First and Last Name
  • Country – What country are you from?
  • Models – What models do you want us to paint? Do you need to ship them or we should buy them for you? Do you have a tight budget or deadline for the project?
  • Assembly – Do your models require assembly or some conversions? Learn more>> about the process.
  • Painting – We offer 6 painting levels. Let us know which level are you interested in. Learn more>>.
4. Do you ship internationally?
- Yes. We have clients from US, Canada, Europe and Australia.

5. Can I visit your studio?
- Of course! Contact us and we will set you up. You will even get some free cookies!

6. Is there a minimum commission cost?
- Yes. Minimum commission cost (our services) is 150+ USD.

7. Do you take single miniature commissions?
- Yes we do but it costs slightly more than if the miniature was a part of the whole army.

8. Do you provide safe packaging? Will my models be safe?
- Yes! We take very good care of your models and pack them very carefully. Check the unboxing 
process of one of our packages at MWG>>.

9. Can I choose an artist that will be working on my commission?
- Theoretically yes. However it will take a lot more time to finish the project and will be significantly more expensive.

10. Can I get a tutorial how you painted my models?
- It all depends. If the process is too complicated we would have to charge for it extra.

11. Does the price of painting include the model cost?
- No, model cost is calculated seperately.

12. What type of payment do you accept?
- We accept Paypal and international bank transfers.

13. You guys are very handsome! Can I have dinner with one of you?
- Yes we are! And of course we can.