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Den of Imagination offers a variety of services including single display miniature pieces as well as an army painting service.

Blood Angels


Hierophant showcase!

From our painting service - our level 6 (Legendary) Bio Titan! Paulina did wonderful job...


Now this is something special fresh and new. Fist your eye on The Walking Temple.


Make it glow. oh yeah take a look at this eye candy.

Friday, February 28, 2014


I am not used to it but it is a time for little bragging. I have so much to show you that I don't know where to start. Hopefully Pauline recent work is a good choice.

Sooo... she is working on a Grey Knights Land Raider Redeemer and is finishing the freehand on the side. On the other one there will be a Grey Knight Terminator killing a Daemon Prince. How cool is that?

Our sculptures... no words needed here. Just enjoy the show:

If you are new to our website take a peak on armies we've recently finished.

This is only a small part of our work. To see full gallery check our flicker gallery

Always do whatever's next.

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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Salamanders: Infantry

Another flashy army in our portfolio! This time lots of greens and oranges. The project is a continuation of older commission from one of our customers, also a bit of a challenge to make a better salamanders than Dariusz did some time ago. I wonder if we made it :P
Here we have 30 space marines in 3 squads, all equipped with cool looking scale elements from Spellcrow bits. The salamander head freehands are Robert's work, really nice ones I must say :)

Another part of this group would be the captain, libra and tech marine with thunderfire cannon.
The captain looks really special here with power sword and nicely freehanded cape. At first it started off as some ashed scale cape but lava seems to be much better idea.

Libra also got some similar pattern on his robe.

The flame on the cannon is a nice addition giving additional contrast to green/silver color scheme.

There's a lot of cool salamander stuff coming in future posts so stay tuned !

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Big Tyranid Package for MiniWarGaming Matt

Take a peak how does look like our Table-Top level and how we pack miniatures for our clients.
For the full MWG gallery check our flicker --> [CLICK]

Thanks to MWG Matt for this awesome video!

Also check our video just before we've send the models:

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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Konrad Curze

Hey guys. I know you have been waiting for this angry guys well process like this takes a tone of time but boy was it worth it. Sculpted by our friend Steve prom the UK Based on Ibrahem Swaids artwork really cool fig representing Konrad Curze the Primarch of the Nightlords.

Done mostly from Green Stuff this detailed model will be painted by Paulina.It's already coming along really nicely.

How do you like the sculpt?

Feed your Imagination,

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Monday, February 24, 2014


I've got a special treat for you today. We are getting back to our Sturm Orks army. It wouldn't be possible to even start with that idea without the great company named Kromlech. First of all there is a youtube video that we've made where you can see these bits.

For all of you "old school" reading types I've made a written review.

The parts arrived very safely packed. There was no chance for any "casualties". We've also received some extra bits from their other sets.

The quality of casts is really good, there are no bubbles and big mold lines. To be be precise when you cut the part from the sprue you have to clean only that part and it is ready to be glued.

Resin that was chosen by Kromlech team is also very good. It is flexible enough so that there is no option something will break off while cutting or cleaning. In comparison to Forge World the casts are smoother have no defects.

The models and bits from Kromlech do not need any recommendation for their look. This time we've only got the Ork set and everything was just superb. If you want to get very cool, funny and themed in WWII orks, that's the company you've been looking for.

Orks are just the part of their stock. For example they've just started a Dragonborn Space Legions bits that will work just great with Salamanders Space Marines.

Now a sneak peek of our upcoming Sturm Orks - stay tuned, I promise these are gonna be awesome.

And that's what I left for a desert - painted (by Kromlech team) miniatures, jaw dropping awesomeness.
Don't forget to visit their --> webstore. There are really amazing sets. You can save up a lof of money just buying the whole unit at once.
Always do whatever's next.

There is only one way to keep up with our projects - subscribe to our @Youtube.