Thursday, February 27, 2014

Salamanders: Infantry

Another flashy army in our portfolio! This time lots of greens and oranges. The project is a continuation of older commission from one of our customers, also a bit of a challenge to make a better salamanders than Dariusz did some time ago. I wonder if we made it :P
Here we have 30 space marines in 3 squads, all equipped with cool looking scale elements from Spellcrow bits. The salamander head freehands are Robert's work, really nice ones I must say :)

Another part of this group would be the captain, libra and tech marine with thunderfire cannon.
The captain looks really special here with power sword and nicely freehanded cape. At first it started off as some ashed scale cape but lava seems to be much better idea.

Libra also got some similar pattern on his robe.

The flame on the cannon is a nice addition giving additional contrast to green/silver color scheme.

There's a lot of cool salamander stuff coming in future posts so stay tuned !


  1. This paint scheme is different from the other Salamander you guys have done. Is it just Skull White base followed by Moot Green?