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Blood Angels


Hierophant showcase!

From our painting service - our level 6 (Legendary) Bio Titan! Paulina did wonderful job...


Now this is something special fresh and new. Fist your eye on The Walking Temple.


Make it glow. oh yeah take a look at this eye candy.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Spin around

Day two.
     Got most of the dress done. Did some work on the staff and the base is coming along really neat. At the moment there is a lot more done, juts haven't had the time to make photos. I just got this low quality video for you guys so.. enjoy?


Monday, February 27, 2012

Female C'tan Project


     Well, the DC was a total disaster. I lost most of the games but still it was a lot of fun and everyone had a great time. Now some commission work for a very good client from miniwargaming forum. I'm going to do a conversion from one of the banshees from the Coven Throne to make Shard of C'tan for Necron army. I'll extend her dress, give her a nice staff and metal wings.  I have gathered all the tools and components and I've already done some work on her.

Drilling this piece without destroying it was a real accomplishment! Happy :D
Cya tomorrow!


Friday, February 24, 2012

Glowing skull eyes Tutorial

Morning Ladies and Gents.

     After my release of the Hexwraiths some of you asked me about those glowing eyes on the champion. So I decided to make a tutorial about how I did that. I'm not saying that my way is the best or even correct for that matter. If you want to try painting it the way I did then you need to follow these steps.

1. First you need to paint your skull. I mean everything from the jaw to the tip, get all the highlights done etc. Painting the glow effect of eye sockets will be the final touch. It's preferred that the skull is not pure "skull white" so the light will be more noticeable to the viewer.

2. Paint the holes pure white. Don't overextend too much from the sockets' edges.  Just fill it white. For this I used Skull White.

3. Prepare a mix of Skull White and Sunburst Yellow 1:1. Paint it around the edges of the holes .

4. At this point you need to give your skull some green glasses :) Mix Sunburst Yellow with Dark Angels Green 3:1 and  paint the high areas around the sockets. Fuse them together to create a type of swimming goggles. The important part is to leave the yellow showing and don't get any paint in the holes!

5.We are almost done. Now take some Sunburst Yellow and drybrush the line between the green areas and the brighter yellow at the inner edges. The dry brush must be smooth and not to thick. You can cover most of the green area but it must be visible through the yellow paint.

6. Now repeat the same thing from step 5. but at the outer edges of the green highlight. You can extend the final highlight to the forehead but you need to figure out what works best with your particular model.


 This is my end result

     I'm pleased with the effect but remember there is always room for improvement. I think you can use this technique with a different paint combinations:

Green Glow
     Skull White    Sunburst Yellow   Dark Angels Green
Blue Glow        Skull White    Ice Blue                Enchanted Blue
Red Glow         Skull White    Blazing Orange    Blood Red
Purple Glow    Skull White    Tentacle Pink        Liche Purple

When it comes to those other sets of paints, I haven't tested them but you need to watch out at step 4 and mix it differently. Change the ratio from 3:1 to 1:1.

     I hope that this tutorial will help. Oh and sorry for the low quality skull, it's a fast gimp mouse sketch ;p. Would love to see what you guys will come up with. If you do, it would be awesome if you leave a link down in the comments. Cheers!


Blind man reading a book

     Finally I've got the engraved tablet done for the necromancer. All I need now is a wooden block and I'll be all set to finish the model. He will turn up on eBay as soon as he's ready so if he caught your eye you know what to do. I'm going to make him a display/play mini so he will be perfect for a glass cabinet and also for your ranks at a Warhammer Game.

     Tomorrow The Dice Crusher. Every year in February we have a 40k tournament in my city here in Poland. It's my first time I'm going to actually play in it. The rules are quite unique. Two days, ten games and five opponents. You play the first game using your opponent's army and he uses yours. After that you switch. The score is calculated from the average of those two games. It's a real test of skill and knowledge. Wish me luck!

Have a nice weekend.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

One more ghost girl

Hello again!

     Still a lot of work to be done, many mistakes that the picture showed. Also my second take on NMM. I need more practice. I'm happy with the colors, she does appear quite ghostly with all her bright tones. Thinking of making her hair white but I don't know... she could lose some contrast. Anyway, I might be working on a Shard of C'tan next week, little something for all Necron fans. I'm going to make a conversion from one of the banshees that's in the Coven Throne box set. Give her all the extra gear, a kick ass pose, extended robe and living metal wings. It's going to be lots of fun and sculpting goodness.

Till next time!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Burning Scythes from The Shadows.

     Here they are, The Reapers. I'm glad that I finished them up in such short time. About the painting, Green and Blue washes really work well  together when it comes to ethereals. I don't mean mixing them together but using the green wash before layering. Then after I painted things normally, washed it with watered down blue. I think it turned out splendid. The few special things about those Hexwraiths are two changed and green stuffed heads. The first one has been given a black mask and the second one some flames coming out of holes in the skull. There is also green stuff sculpted piece of a grave stone with inscriptions and a ram's skull on the bases. Generally, I'm happy about this unit. Okay sniff* sniff* time to say good bye and place them on eBay. Hope you like them as well.

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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Some High Elves

     Yesterday I was going through my hard drive and I found some old High Elves. They were painted mostly by my wife. We made this commission for a local Fantasy Convention in Poland. It was a promotion display of the new "Island of Blood" box set. I still need to find the photos of Scavens for you. What do you think of the color scheme?


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Thank You all.


Saturday, February 18, 2012

Ice cold Banshee

    Just wanted to show the finished Mrs. Winter. She's going on eBay along with  the Coven Throne and Crypt Horrors. Keep your fingers crossed, I hope they will find new homes :). Also I'm almost done with the Hexwraiths so I will be giving them a try on eBay tomorrow.

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Friday, February 17, 2012

The Reapers are coming!

Hide your kids and hide your wife, the Grim Reapers Are coming!
     First Work In Progress photo of the Hexwraiths. I need to make the robes more greenish and give it more spectral look. I'm mostly pleased with the metal parts so far. The bones are also descent. I was trying to mix 2 technique together. I started with greens and went to Bleached Bone and Skull White. At the end, washed it with watered down Asurman Blue to make the blends come together.

    Stay tuned I'll post all five guys when I'm done. I'm going back to painting .....


Monday, February 13, 2012

Mrs. Winter and all things Ethereal

    Another day's work. I have finished one of the banshee trio, I call her Mrs. Winter. It's because she's on a winter-themed base. This photo is a work in progress. I'll post some proper pictures of her finished tomorrow. I also started painting the Hexwraiths. I have a dilemma either paint them more like skeletons in black robes or fully ethereal... any suggestions ?

Remember, be a nice minion!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Some old and new.

   Yesterday my friends and I got together and we made a big photo shoot of our painted minis.
There were a lot of minis starting from Warhammer 40k and Flames of War and ending on Warhammer Fantasy Battle. It took us a lot of time to get everything done. We were photographing till 2am. All went great and now I got some nice photos I'd like to show you ^^.

   First an update on my work. The Coven Throne is finished and soon to be placed on eBay. I'm quite happy with the finished look. Ladies look very well . It was the first time I have painted Vampire Counts in such bright colours, that was something new ^^.

    Now it's time for some old stuff. Not going to show you much but these are things that bring back some good memories. First, the Blood Dragon Banners. Two free hands one of which is a Grave Guard Standard, fully finished. The other one was painted about one year after the first one. That's a whole different level. Although it's not finished it looks much better in my opinion, one of my first good looking freehand. It was painted in 2008 or something like that. I attached the digital art that inspired me to paint this banner. Hope you like it ^^.

     Second is a unit of Dire Wolfs converted from the Chaos Warhounds kit. The ears and champion's head are sculpted from green stuff. The thing that I like most about this unit is the base and how dynamic the wolves look. It was my last unit for the Fantasy Battle system. After that the 8th edition came and I exchanged the Old World for The galaxy of the 40th millennium.

     The last photo for today is my speed painted force of Tyranids. I have another one as big as this to paint. I'll post photos here as soon as I finish them.


Thursday, February 9, 2012

Brovatar's "Angels"

      Just a short one to show you what I'm working on. I've made three Vampire Counts  Banshees from Coven Throne's box set. I must say those are awesome models. Two of them I even like more then the one from finecast. Also the Coven Throne is finished and almost ready for eBay. I'm gonna make some photos tomorrow and there's going to be a big update on Saturday so keep your eyes open.


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Cold-hearted lady

Hello hello hello

Guys I've got a treat for you today. Have painted a vampire hero form the Coven Throne and I must say I'm quite pleased with the colour scheme. Although it was a random totally unplanned one. I started out purple, then added some reds and finally a bit of black for contrast and it turned out great. Feel free to comment on her dress and hair. I think she won't harm you through your computer or will she :) ? So give her some attention. I know that her heart is cold but it doesn't mean that she won't need any love from you guys ;>. And don't say anything about her teeth, she's very sensitive on that point and we still need to work on her dental problem a bit.

Paint some more, thanks for reading!


Monday, February 6, 2012

Leaf, leafee, leaves tutorial

Hi mini fans!

  I'm back with an update on my painting. I have finished a big part of the Coven Throne, mainly the base, all the ghosts and the foggy blobby things. When I was applying dry leaves on the base I had an idea that they should fly :D. Well not fly like birds but pushed up by wind caused by ghosts gliding above the ground. So I glued some on the model. Some of you guys may ask what are those leaves. Most of you probably know but not everyone knows how to apply them correctly.

Let's start from the beginning. They are birch seeds gathered in July or late September. You know what a birch is, its those white trees. Anyway, if you gather them sooner they will have brighter greenish colour and if you gather them late they will be more dry and have a brown colour. The best way is to gather some in July and some in September. Okay, you got your basing leaves. But you will have a lot of actual seeds and the covering of seeds. You don't want to use the round seed. The covering is what you need.

How to make it right.

 Some people do it all wrong. They make some pva clusters on the base and just sprinkle it with their leaves. Sometimes they will get a decent effect but it doesn't mean it's a good method. You need to put your leaves on a piece of paper (white is preferred but you can use yellow if you want ;P). Now you take a small brush, don't use any nice brushes, some old ones are the best. Take the brush and apply some pva but just a little spot on the base, not bigger than a goblin's finger. Than touch your tongue with the other end of the brush, getting a little spit on your mini is not a bad thing ^^. Now grab a leaf with your spit-covered brush and put it where the glue is. Pva glue has more gluing power then your spit so the leaf will let go off your brush and will stay on the base. That's right, the key to applying your leaves successfully is one leaf at a time. Then just continue leaf by leaf, leaf by leaf...

Applying pva glue

Grabing a leaf

By the way, how do you like the CT so far? I might tweak it here and there but so far it's done. Now it's time for the Coven itself.

Happy leafing.


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

More Vampires

Hello everyone

       After taking my Crypt Horrors on eBay I haven't been wasting time and got myself working on few other models:

     Coven Throne: I chose to build the throne for 2 reasons: I love Vampires ^^ and I think it's a nicer model to paint. I've got the assembling done, I made some conversions using some old plastic parts that I had left from my own vampire counts army. I remade the half-skeleton guy at the top, now he's holding a longer scythe and has an armour breast plate on him from the new black knights set to give him more elite look. Plus the art work from the book inspired me to create more live-like skeletons than just normal static decoration.

     Next thing I made different about my CT is that I gave all skeletons grave guard and black knight heads and for 2 sentries at the front I gave them grave guard weapons. Too me Coven Throne in comparison  to the Mortis Engine should be made out of elite long dead ancient warriors and it should be pulled by ghosts, no different. That's why I made the 3 horsemen of apocalips pulling the contraption with shoulder pads and more elite heads as well.

       The second thing at the table are Hex Wraith. Not too much added to them, just a change of skulls. Did you see those silly hats on the original HW? God, they look ridiculous, especially the one
with the horns. Anyway, here are my Hexs.

           And the last Work In Progress at the moment is the cool Necromancer made out of left overs from the Coven Throne. I'm going to base him on a small wooden block and have a sign that says "which page masssster...". I hope I can get it all done and ready for eBay at the end of the week. Keep on painting.

Geting Started

Hey guys!
I decided to start a blog about my hobby which is miniature assembling and painting. Mostly I take my time with games workshop miniature range. I also play with armies that I managed to get together throughout the years. Those armies are Vampire Counts for Fantasy Battle and Tyranids for 40k. Now I'm trying to turn my hobby in a different direction. I want to make a living out of it. I think I gained a lot of skill over the years mostly in converting but in painting as well. How I want to make a living out of it you ask. Well, I'm opening myself to commission work and hitting the eBay hard... I've already started. This is the first work I managed to get together in a day's work ^^

Any tips on how to make it big on eBay are welcome. Keep on painting.