Monday, February 6, 2012

Leaf, leafee, leaves tutorial

Hi mini fans!

  I'm back with an update on my painting. I have finished a big part of the Coven Throne, mainly the base, all the ghosts and the foggy blobby things. When I was applying dry leaves on the base I had an idea that they should fly :D. Well not fly like birds but pushed up by wind caused by ghosts gliding above the ground. So I glued some on the model. Some of you guys may ask what are those leaves. Most of you probably know but not everyone knows how to apply them correctly.

Let's start from the beginning. They are birch seeds gathered in July or late September. You know what a birch is, its those white trees. Anyway, if you gather them sooner they will have brighter greenish colour and if you gather them late they will be more dry and have a brown colour. The best way is to gather some in July and some in September. Okay, you got your basing leaves. But you will have a lot of actual seeds and the covering of seeds. You don't want to use the round seed. The covering is what you need.

How to make it right.

 Some people do it all wrong. They make some pva clusters on the base and just sprinkle it with their leaves. Sometimes they will get a decent effect but it doesn't mean it's a good method. You need to put your leaves on a piece of paper (white is preferred but you can use yellow if you want ;P). Now you take a small brush, don't use any nice brushes, some old ones are the best. Take the brush and apply some pva but just a little spot on the base, not bigger than a goblin's finger. Than touch your tongue with the other end of the brush, getting a little spit on your mini is not a bad thing ^^. Now grab a leaf with your spit-covered brush and put it where the glue is. Pva glue has more gluing power then your spit so the leaf will let go off your brush and will stay on the base. That's right, the key to applying your leaves successfully is one leaf at a time. Then just continue leaf by leaf, leaf by leaf...

Applying pva glue

Grabing a leaf

By the way, how do you like the CT so far? I might tweak it here and there but so far it's done. Now it's time for the Coven itself.

Happy leafing.


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  1. Will the leaves not deteriorate over time? Im a little confused : /