Wednesday, February 1, 2012

More Vampires

Hello everyone

       After taking my Crypt Horrors on eBay I haven't been wasting time and got myself working on few other models:

     Coven Throne: I chose to build the throne for 2 reasons: I love Vampires ^^ and I think it's a nicer model to paint. I've got the assembling done, I made some conversions using some old plastic parts that I had left from my own vampire counts army. I remade the half-skeleton guy at the top, now he's holding a longer scythe and has an armour breast plate on him from the new black knights set to give him more elite look. Plus the art work from the book inspired me to create more live-like skeletons than just normal static decoration.

     Next thing I made different about my CT is that I gave all skeletons grave guard and black knight heads and for 2 sentries at the front I gave them grave guard weapons. Too me Coven Throne in comparison  to the Mortis Engine should be made out of elite long dead ancient warriors and it should be pulled by ghosts, no different. That's why I made the 3 horsemen of apocalips pulling the contraption with shoulder pads and more elite heads as well.

       The second thing at the table are Hex Wraith. Not too much added to them, just a change of skulls. Did you see those silly hats on the original HW? God, they look ridiculous, especially the one
with the horns. Anyway, here are my Hexs.

           And the last Work In Progress at the moment is the cool Necromancer made out of left overs from the Coven Throne. I'm going to base him on a small wooden block and have a sign that says "which page masssster...". I hope I can get it all done and ready for eBay at the end of the week. Keep on painting.

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