Monday, February 20, 2012

Burning Scythes from The Shadows.

     Here they are, The Reapers. I'm glad that I finished them up in such short time. About the painting, Green and Blue washes really work well  together when it comes to ethereals. I don't mean mixing them together but using the green wash before layering. Then after I painted things normally, washed it with watered down blue. I think it turned out splendid. The few special things about those Hexwraiths are two changed and green stuffed heads. The first one has been given a black mask and the second one some flames coming out of holes in the skull. There is also green stuff sculpted piece of a grave stone with inscriptions and a ram's skull on the bases. Generally, I'm happy about this unit. Okay sniff* sniff* time to say good bye and place them on eBay. Hope you like them as well.

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