Thursday, August 1, 2013

Khorne Eaters

Here it is, another fine project beginning. Remember the Nightlord Project ? Well the same client wants another force of some awesome minis. This will be a force composed of a Termi Lord, five Termi World Eaters and a Dreadnought. The whole patrol will be made in a Tyranid Slayer theme. What's the better combat enemy for battle hungry Khorne worshipers than the biologically perfect Tyranids ?

Feed your Imagination,


  1. Really love these. Is the double chain-fist thing in the first 2 pics stock?


  2. That Dread is all kinds of crazy! What are you doing with the Chaos Chariot guys head? I am using those for my Word Bearers as they tie pretty well with the WFB Chaos Lord I used as a base for my own 40k Lord. Really good proportions for 40k (as pretty much everything from WFB Chaos seems to be).

    Might have to get me one of those shields :)

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