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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Raging Cannon

     Second done. This one is something else. At first I was pondering a concept of a beast holding a cannon in its hand and whipped by two bloodlethers. But I think that the evolution of this concept resulted in something much more fitting for Khorne ranks. It's not Khorne if it's not meant to fight someone in melee.

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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Thoughts from the Depth #6

      Hey everyone. We are really getting busy this year. To think that a year ago this was just me and now many people are getting involved in the growth of the DoI. It's already looking really nice and what's to come is going to be hopefully even better. Currently we are in the transition phase to a fully equipped studio location. When it's all furnished and ready for the public eye I'll post some pics in here. I must say this makes me really happy. 

     Ok, now it's to review what's going on and what you can expect in the near future from the studio. Karol " KreoL" is working on a Master Class Belial paintjob. It's a really interested cooperation between me and him I made the model and the whole scenery and he is bringing him to life with his mad painting skills. Can't wait to see him finished.

   The big package of Necrons just flow in and we can start building up the big Rusty Necron fleet. The whole army will include:
- Destroyer Lord
- 12 Canoptek Wraiths
- 20 Warriors
- 6 Bases of Scarab swarms
- 4 Night Scythes
- 3 Doom Scythes

    During the wait for the models to arrive to the studio we already started working on the desert bases for the army.
     This is how the whole army will look like ( without the models hehe ). As you can see the squads are separated into groups. Warriors for example, four groups of:
-Tiles + Scarab
-Desert + Scarab
and into two groups:

Sorry for the yellowish color on the photo. 

     Space wolves are in the works as well, some bikers and banners waiting for freehand. There are many projects waiting for their turns but with constant reinforcements in form of extra hands they will get done really soon.

There is nothing more left to say but Happy Easter and...
...Feed your Imagination,

Friday, March 29, 2013

Driven by Will of Slaughter

     First Skull Cannon of Khorne for Fantasy ready. I really had a lot of fun on this one. For the conversion part it was really cool to build upon the scaven contraption and place skulls all over it. Khorne symbol and my fave the empire soldier of Stirland. Black and yellow is Stirland right? Fellow wargamer correct me if i'm wrong.

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Thursday, March 28, 2013


     Almost there. Tomorrow I will post the finished cannons. They still require a lot of work.

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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Hellish Canon Maker

     As many of you know I'm making two Khorne Skull Canons for Fantasy. Two different concepts for one army. I had a lot of fun building some models for fantasy. I can't remember when I did a project not in 40k universe. My favorite part is corpse of an Emperial soldier impaled on the daemonic machine of slaughter. The paint stage is in the early form but I really can't wait for the end result   

Feed your Imagination,

Friday, March 22, 2013

Daemonic Blast

     Hey blood and gore lovers. Yesterday I have started working on another commission work. Two Skull Cannons of Khorne for Fantasy Battle. As many of you agree the new design for the SCoK is looking rather terrible. So the client wants a totally different one it's best that both of the cannons will be different. One of the Cannon barrels will actually be a living mindless daemonic beast which will be driven to battle by two Bloodlethers. The other one will be a Warmachine that moves with daemonic power which a regular but Khornish Cannon on top of it.

     Having that in mind I bought the needed boxes and as soon as they arrived I started working straight away. I think that the mix of those four boxes will bring about two unique machines of total destruction. Ok I'm not wasting time, those are supposed to be ready for ADEPTICON.

Feed your Imagination,

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Thoughts from the Depth #5

    A quick review of what was going on at the studio recently. This month two fine projects were made and some new ones had already started. Necron Rusty force turned out better then I expected. Those guys despite the fact that they are all covered with rust they shine on the table I'm telling you ^^. The guys who made this force are really happy how it all looks as a whole.
   I can't leave the Dark Vengeance unmentioned. I'm really happy to see how well this army fits on the resin display bases that I designed and produced. Those Dark Angels are just a start to even bigger full Dark Angel army. Can't wait to get started on that ^^.

    Let's go to "what's to come". Studio's Dark Angels are obviously rescheduled for another time, commissions always take the priority. So the big DA force that I was playing around in December is still assembled and ready but waiting on the bench. I have to say that the quantity of that army is quite impressive, about 40 terminators 20-30 tactical 5 scouts 7 veterans and many more. 
    So what will you be seeing in the next few days? Some bikers from the Space Wolves. I have to say the only thing a Space Marine SW needs is a bike. On the left you can see a model that was sent with the rest of the bikers he is here for the guideline on how to paint Sons of Russ. How am I doing ?  

              On the other note, Khorne is once again taking a look at the Den. Two converted canons for Fantasy will be produced very soon. And we can't forget that really soon an awesome Belial paintjob will appear. The future holds so many good projects, can't wait to get there, do you? ^^.

PS: Did i mentioned a huge Necron fleet ?
Feed your Imagination,

Friday, March 15, 2013

Making your own Belial

     When the new Dark Angels were released, the Deathwing finally received the model for Master Belial. With that model there was a release of the Dethwing Knights. In that box we have almost all the bits we need to make our own version of Belial. For making him complete I took a shield-shaped decorative piece from the Grey Knight terminator box, a regular standard to which I attached two scrolls. I would have attached one to each side but I ran out of scrolls. Also I placed a Dark Angel symbol on top of the standard.

     The teminator box set contains Belial's exact right shoulder pad and the double sword cross left shoulder pad but without bolts. I also made his decorative halo. I just needed to add a single lens.

      This model will be painted by a very talented artist Karol who is returning to painting after a long break.  I hope that after he is done with Belial we will see a lot more work from him.

Feed your Imagination,

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Rusty Necron Army

     The Rusty Necrons are done. I have to say it mannnnn, I like this army. The sand bases that one of our Facebook followers suggested make an excellent contrast to the dark brown rusted shells of the Necron Force as well as the green glow from their weapons. The army just looks brilliant. My fave is the Scythe and the Immortals, they look just so well in this color scheme. Oh and the accent of those scarabs on bases, top notch, just loving it. 
     If you would like to have a similar army done for you we would be more than happy to make one for you.

Rusty Necrons:
-Doom/Night Scythe
-20 Warriors
-5 Immortals

If you like what we do be sure to check out our Facebook page it will help you to stay up to date on our new projects.

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