Friday, March 22, 2013

Daemonic Blast

     Hey blood and gore lovers. Yesterday I have started working on another commission work. Two Skull Cannons of Khorne for Fantasy Battle. As many of you agree the new design for the SCoK is looking rather terrible. So the client wants a totally different one it's best that both of the cannons will be different. One of the Cannon barrels will actually be a living mindless daemonic beast which will be driven to battle by two Bloodlethers. The other one will be a Warmachine that moves with daemonic power which a regular but Khornish Cannon on top of it.

     Having that in mind I bought the needed boxes and as soon as they arrived I started working straight away. I think that the mix of those four boxes will bring about two unique machines of total destruction. Ok I'm not wasting time, those are supposed to be ready for ADEPTICON.

Feed your Imagination,

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