Thursday, September 13, 2012

Gaze of Terror

     Remember the the mysterious pile of bits that I showed you guys some time ago. Well now I have all the pieces I need and I can start working on that project. 

     Since no one actually got it 100%  right I'll tel you what it's going to be. Nightlord Daemon Prince. Yup it was a hard one but now you know. It's going to have a Lion aspect going on around it which I think is kind of cool. The Daemon will be based on a Terminator that I made some time agoe. The client wants to have a DP that will emerge from this guy so I have to make some resemblance to the model. I'm going to show this by giving him a spear and a shield similar to the ones on the Terminator but more Daemonic.

     The photos show a very early stage of building this monster up. There is still much work needed to be done. I'm particularly excited about the lion main that I'm going to sculpt around this enormous skull. I need to fill all the wood elves symbols first. Now he looks pretty much like a Manticore but I'm going to turn him into a big bad Daemon Prince Stay tuned.