Monday, September 17, 2012

Mercenary Fleet

    Don't know if you missed it or not but Bania from Minion Studio made an awesome OP Necron Fleet army. He took it for a two-day tournament in Gdansk and managed to get 6th place and receive the Players Choice award for the best looking army at the whole tournament.

     Bania is deep under my wing this time and we are working on new armies for ourselves so that means the Fleet is ready to go and wreak havoc in another dimension, yes that means it's on eBay waiting for you to pick it up. If you're interested feel free to drop him an offer on eBay, if not please pass the news down to your friends interested in Necron awesomeness.

     The Flier fever is continuing as the 6th edition of wh40k is beginning to be very well understood by more people. In order to stay in the top of our game we must board the ship.

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  1. The Only True DeathWing! :) Brovatar is so humble he didnt mention he made all the bases for this fleet. I was told he might also do them for you so do not hesitate and whisper him right away :)