Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Death Wing? Hell Yeah!

     Due to the Dark Vengeance release I took some time to start a new project that has been going around my head for quite some time now. Dark Angel Death Wing army for myself. Oh yes bunch of guys with 2+ As and a 3+ Is from storm shields. I plan on getting 10 Termies from the DV set and some more from different kits. I have already made my Leader Belial from a Grey Knight Paladin. I'm still thinking of covering the lettering on his armor and giving him more Dark Angel iconography but he is pretty much done, also those hands are magnetized. With his Initiative of 5 those Claws make for a really good CC weapon for him but he loses his survival-ability without a Storm Shield so I will add those hands for option as well.

     This army isn't so big in number and that allows to give it a little extra effort and make it look sweet. For a start I'm going to do 20-25 Termies + Belial and a Chaplain also in Terminator armor. It's going to be awesome.

PS: any ideas on what I could add to the Belial model to make him look more awesome ?



  1. Nice work on the robes. I'll always keep a soft spot for Death Wing. What you could do is plaster Belial with purity seals? By making them yourself, you could have them waving in the wind in the same direction as the robe, and so have a lot of dynamics in the model?
    Next to that: scripture, scripture, scripture. Continue what started on the shoulderpad, and freehand that in a darker tone of your armour color on the armor.
    Wow, I like that idea so much, I might just try that myself XD

  2. I think it would look a bit better if he was looking to the right (his right). Everything else is very dynamic, but his head looks a bit stiff to me. This is a very cool model. Nice work. (I need to practice with greenstuff so I can add some awesome robes like this to my thunder hammer terminator sergeant.

    1. Thanks man, It's not so hard when you know how. I'll try to put up a tutorial in the future.