Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Felblades and flames

As some of you may already know there have bee some work appearing in the Den by two lovely ladies. Paulina and Kasia. So now the more feminine part of the painting studio is working on a Daemon army commission. They aren't fans of mini wargaming but we can turn that around ^^.

Kasia is keen on sculpting /conversion work so she with no hesitation added more awesome to already awesome bloodletting models. The flames on the Felblades are her handy work. I must say I like what I see here.

When some models for the commission wore assembled and ready to go, the girls started painting. Paulina having more time on her hands managed to almost finish up the bloodletter and boy did she do a hell of a good job.

Those flames are an example that those two can work together to make some awesome minis for our enjoyment. I think that with more practice they will rock even more.

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