Thursday, June 13, 2013

Dark Angels ARMY

The 6th Company ready for some action! One month in the making. Dark Angels in all there glory.
-20 Tactical guys
-5 Veterans
-5 Termis
-Land raider
-2 Predators
-One kick ass Nephelim Jetfighter

This was such a cool army list to paint up. No spam of anything which is great from a painters stand point. As a bonus gift I had made a custom badge "Brother Hendrik" and a beer opener.
How do you like em?

Feed your Imagination,


  1. Very cool, I've just broken out a DA army of my own. With the angel on the Land raider, was that done free hand or with an airbrush?

  2. What colors did you use for base / highlighting on the tactical squad? Did you drybrush the highlights then use a wash? Thanks