Friday, June 21, 2013

Sakir-Har Dynasty

"When the Wraith was upon the Eldar it unleashed a barrage of slashing strikes with the razor sharp talons it possessed. Each strike with the weapons found purchase in flesh; each retreat brought with it a great amount of the lifeblood it sought to drain from its enemies. It lashed out with its tail as well, impaling one of the Eldar upon it like it were little more than a fish on the end of a spear. Fountains of Eldar blood issued forth as the Wraith cut each and every man in the squad down with ruthless indifference. When all the screams subsided, and each of the Eldar had seen the last drops of their blood drained away, the Wraith turned back to the collection of Warriors that had been having such a difficult time putting them down."

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