Monday, November 12, 2012

Basing with Coconut

     Do you have that feeling when you look at something totally ordinary for most people and you are thinking "hey I can use this for a diorama or a conversion"  Lately I was shopping for groceries and i had that thought when I saw a coconut. I reminded when I was a young wargamer I would use a half of coconut to represent a goblin hut. But now when I'm more experienced I see a wider set of possible uses for the coconut.

    First thing I noticed were root-like structures on the surface of the coconut. So I pealed them off and put them in a bag for future use. I'm not going to show you in this article what to do with them but I'm going to use them on a diorama as Tree roots exposed on the ground.

     Ok the second thing that came to mind was that the shell of a coconut is an excellent source of material when it comes to building sharp edge rock bases. When you are done separating the coconut meet from the shell you just need to take the shell put it in a towel or a blanket and smash it with a hammer. I was going for some bigger rocky plats. But if you want smaller rocks you just need to keep smashing it a bit longer. Those are my coconut materials.

      I went ahead and build a base using this material. Super glue stuck to it really good. When the super glue dried I added some pva glue and sprinkled the base with sand. The cool part about basing with coconut is if you put your coconut with the outer side towards the ground you will have some of the root things hanging down from it imitating plant life.

How do you use your coconut?

Feed your Imagination,



  1. Damn. You continually come up with the coolest modelling uses for junk I've ever seen.

    1. Thank you. It's not junk when its organic. ;p Eco friendly modeling. xD

  2. Woa! Very nice work, looks awesome ;)

  3. AH! Regarding organic modelling...
    Please be careful! Speaking from own experiences xD!!!-S

  4. A much better article than the one on BoLS. A great idea. I've always been a fan of just using rocks and pieces of cut up sprue.

  5. That is an awesome idea, Brovatar! :) Love it! Plus I love coconut milk :D

  6. Cool. Absolutely fitting my style of using everything at hand for cool and unexpected modelling stuff :)
    Now where to find me some coconut...