Friday, November 23, 2012

Thoughts from the Depth #3

    Hello Ladies and Gents! Sorry that there's no cool post for today but I was preparing that red power armor tutorial that some of you requested and in the middle of it my two, not one but, two sets of batteries went dead on me and my possibility to make this tutorial got delayed. I'll do it on the weekend probably so expect it Monday.

   I thought that this will be a good opportunity to list few projects that I have in plans for the near future. Here it goes. First of all, the mentioned painting tutorial followed by coconut roots basing tutorial. After that how to paint desert sand bases. I have to add "Painting etherals" on my list for sure because of past requests and I mean like ancient past. There should appear a position to the conversion tab. I do that a lot so a tutorial for it would be awesome.

   Speaking about tutorials, did you see me do anything that you found interesting and want me to do a tut on it? If you have any requests don't be shy and just post it down in the comment section below.

    Also I did some work on my Vampire on Nightmare project and I have to say that I'm still struggling between themes. I'm lining more towards cold blue colors and a Winter-themed base but Red Duke comes to mind . I mean who doesn't love Vampire in Dark Red armors. Any suggestions?

Have a nice weekend and feed your Imagination,

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  1. This guy:

    The sculpting for the muscles and the face would be an awesome tutorial.