Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Gift for Khorne

     No, no one is going to kill anyone. I have painted few Chaos Space Marines from my Khorne project. I must say that the red is coming quite nice now. I think that a tutorial will be in order, yes? I'm really pleased with the shading I managed to achieve with the airbrush before painting any details. Washes just took that a level higher and now they are really vibrant. On this project I'm trying out methods that don't require layering almost at all. I'm mainly using washes and glazes. Still need to add few details to those guys but they already rock anyway.

     I leave you with a sneak peak of my personal project- a Vampire Count Vampire Lord. Many of you probably know that VC is my favorite army. Unfortunately I haven't done any models from it for a very long time so when I found this one in my bits I just couldn't help myself.

Feed your Imagination,


  1. Very nice. That red is nice and bright, yet has a dark sinister side to it. I would definitely like to see a tutorial (or at least a list of the colours used!).

  2. Exactly what Cameron said, a nice little tutorial would be awesome for that luscious red.
    Awesome job as always mate!

  3. Great results you're getting. THis is going to be a pleasure for someone to die to across the table from you.