Friday, November 30, 2012

Chaos lays waste to the lands of men

     The display base is finished. The base that is placed on the "lava" area is just a filing in for the Daemon Prince. Now it reminds me of a jin-jang symbol but soon it's going to get some nice colors  It was quite fun building this terrain. I used a lot of crackling paint to make chaos waste land  theme. When chaos is advancing, the volcanoes on the planet erupt shifting the landscape, causing disorientation to the defending troops. I just can't wait to peal the tape of the sides. It's going to be awesome. Literally days form finishing.

     Can you tell from the photo how many 25mm round bases are there on the picture ? 

     The decision hasn't been made yet but it looks like the Ultra Marines will suffer again from the hands of Khorne's Warriors. To change their victims of chaos vote on this pole.

Feed your Imagination,


  1. Fantastic piece of work man!
    plz paint this dead SM as Ultramarine :D

  2. Thanks. The votes will decide how I will paint those corpses.

  3. Dark Angels need some Khorne based love

  4. That is great! What kind of crackling paint did you use? It makes that space marine look like he's being melted or something. (I voted for ultramarines by the way. The blue should contrast nicely with the reds, and they need to be taught that they're not better than everyone else)

    1. Hehe thanks. You can find answers to your questions in the Tutorial>Basing section under "Dry Earth Effect", Cheers.