Friday, November 16, 2012

Thought from the Depth #2

    Busy week indeed. Unfortunately, not much painting done but I did manage to turn around few heads with my coconut article. It received a massive review on BoLS which gave me huge traffic so a thing to be proud. Who would have thought that it will make such an impact on the community  I certainly did not. But it did and now our hobby has become a bit more Eco friendly ^^.
    On the other note I have started working on my Diablo III character. It's not a main project I'm doing, some sculpting when Horus waits for the green stuff to harden. He's going to be in a bigger scale something about 50-70 mm, don't know yet. Does anyone know by just looking at this leg who will it be? 

Horus build is almost done I needed to make his cloak fully compatible to the rest of the model with magnets and green stuff before I could shape the wolf and the fur on it so not much noticable progress but it won't be long now. The client is still thinking of giving the green light for my brush on this so I'm staying positive. I will be ordering an engraving for him with the Lunar Wolves battle cry so he will get a little bit of extra awesomeness. This project will be so cool when finished...

     After this I'm going to go crazy on my Chaos Display board unless someone drops me a ton of models to paint but I don't mind It will get painted up eventually.

Have a nice weekend and feed your Imagination,


  1. Skeleton King or Diablo himself.

  2. That was fast, yes it's King Leoric.

  3. Eventually you're going to use the original name of the game Diablo III? Have you thought about licensing rights?

  4. I already did. Could you develop your thought please? I'm not holding any rights for any names. Its no different when I'm talking about Khorn Berserkers or Nurglings.