Sunday, November 25, 2012

How to paint Khorne Space Marines

     Specially for all you Khorne fans I had put up a tutorial on how I paint up chaos space marines.  In this process I used an airbrush to create the first highlights and finished off with a lot of wash work. I started by preparing the mini priming it with Chaos Black.

I. When I had my mini ready and primed I airbrushed it with Vallejo Air Dark Brown color. When the coat was dried I covered it with Vallejo Air Light Red but only from the front and the top of the model. I tried to leave the deepest areas brown. I finished with  Vallejo Air Orange color sprayed only from the top finishing my pre-shading process.

On this picture you can see that all the bottom surfaces were left in a dark brown color.

II. After the pre-shading was done I started to paint all the gold elements using Vallejo Game Color Gold. At this stage I also painted all the black parts like chain mail using GW Abaddon Black.

III. To give some depth to the gold I washed it with GW Shade Reikland Fleshshade. I did apply the wash all over the gold parts and I infringed towards the armor plates.

IV. At this point I needed to let's say escape the orange tone and bring back the Khornish redness  So I glazed all of the central areas of all red armor plates with GW Glaze Bloodletter. That made for a really smooth transitions. Unlike washes, glazes don't tend to leave borders of concentrated pigment when they dry off so they are excellent for this kind of job.

V. With my armor highlighted I needed to separate parts from one another. for that purpose I used GW Shade Nuln Oil. I washed every recesses that connected the armor with the gold elements and also parts of armor connecting one another.

VI. At this step the model was coming to live. All it needed now was to do some lining on the gold parts. I did it with GW Chainmail  After that  I started painting up all the details and did some more glazing to saturate the red color a bit more.

VII. Glazes and washes even after drying can leave a certain glow to them so it's important to apply a coat or two of Matt Varnish to the models. On this picture the coat hasn't fully dried yet but it's looking quite nice.
Examples of using this method:

    I have to say that I'm in love with glazes and you should note an important thing about them that you can mix them together to get different colored glazes for your minis. I think that this method, when comparing the time spent on painting the models to the results is really good .

     Hope you enjoyed this tutorial, if you have any questions regarding miniature painting don't hesitate to contact me. I will answer your questions to the best of my possibility.  Also if you want to show support you can like my Facebook page and keep track of new wip pics and articles.

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  1. Very nice work. What colors did you use for the little demon? Just liche purple+White?

    1. Liche purple followed by liche purple + bleached bone mix and that washed with a purple wash.

  2. Thanks for posting this. I like the idea of blending the airbrushed highlights using the new glazes. I will have to give this a try.

    You mention in the article that you used zenithal highlights. If your airbrush enables you to get enough control, it can create a cool effect on centrepiece models if you selectively highlight and shade each armour plate to create a strong gradient in more areas. I find that zenithal highlighting sometimes washes out some detail as large areas have similar colours. Here is an example that I have found really inspiring: This selective technique is maybe not as realistic but it can create some cool contrast on the model.

    Thanks a lot for posting this up. I will be sure to take some things from your article and give them a try soon. I am planning a word bearer terminator in the near future. Thanks!

  3. I'm having trouble giving depth to metallics and getting anything to "blend" as the metallic seems to resist additional paint. Thank you for the tutorial, you've given me food for thought.

    1. Try adding more layers of thinned down washes over your metallic's and always experiment with your paints!

  4. Piękna praca i dobór kolorów :) Pozdrawiam Milliput Polska

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  6. How would you compare GW Shades to Vallejo Washes?

  7. How long did it takes for you to do this work? It really looks great. You really paint it beautifully.