Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Thoughts from the Depth #5

    A quick review of what was going on at the studio recently. This month two fine projects were made and some new ones had already started. Necron Rusty force turned out better then I expected. Those guys despite the fact that they are all covered with rust they shine on the table I'm telling you ^^. The guys who made this force are really happy how it all looks as a whole.
   I can't leave the Dark Vengeance unmentioned. I'm really happy to see how well this army fits on the resin display bases that I designed and produced. Those Dark Angels are just a start to even bigger full Dark Angel army. Can't wait to get started on that ^^.

    Let's go to "what's to come". Studio's Dark Angels are obviously rescheduled for another time, commissions always take the priority. So the big DA force that I was playing around in December is still assembled and ready but waiting on the bench. I have to say that the quantity of that army is quite impressive, about 40 terminators 20-30 tactical 5 scouts 7 veterans and many more. 
    So what will you be seeing in the next few days? Some bikers from the Space Wolves. I have to say the only thing a Space Marine SW needs is a bike. On the left you can see a model that was sent with the rest of the bikers he is here for the guideline on how to paint Sons of Russ. How am I doing ?  

              On the other note, Khorne is once again taking a look at the Den. Two converted canons for Fantasy will be produced very soon. And we can't forget that really soon an awesome Belial paintjob will appear. The future holds so many good projects, can't wait to get there, do you? ^^.

PS: Did i mentioned a huge Necron fleet ?
Feed your Imagination,


  1. I must say having seen your rust Necrons I am tempted to re paint mine.... but where does that kind of madness stop?

    1. Reply it never stops. I remember that I repainted my VC about 3 times ^^

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