Friday, March 15, 2013

Making your own Belial

     When the new Dark Angels were released, the Deathwing finally received the model for Master Belial. With that model there was a release of the Dethwing Knights. In that box we have almost all the bits we need to make our own version of Belial. For making him complete I took a shield-shaped decorative piece from the Grey Knight terminator box, a regular standard to which I attached two scrolls. I would have attached one to each side but I ran out of scrolls. Also I placed a Dark Angel symbol on top of the standard.

     The teminator box set contains Belial's exact right shoulder pad and the double sword cross left shoulder pad but without bolts. I also made his decorative halo. I just needed to add a single lens.

      This model will be painted by a very talented artist Karol who is returning to painting after a long break.  I hope that after he is done with Belial we will see a lot more work from him.

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  1. Very nice, and yes I agree that you can make it from the box set easily enough. Still bought him separately, but great to see someone else attempt it though! Looking forward to seeing it painted!