Friday, June 29, 2012

How To Paint Space Marine Salamanders

   Many people like the color tone on my salamanders and I received many questions on how I achieved such a vibrant color on those marines. So I decided to make a tutorial on painting their Power Armour. This insets a strict codex color of the Salamander Chapter but it gives the model a more live look which makes them look much better on the gaming table

Step1. After priming the miniature with Games Workshop Skull White, I airbrushed the whole model with a layer paint Moot Green.

Step2. After it dried, I shaded the whole model with Biel-Tan Green. I applied a full coat of slightly watered down wash to make the whole mini darker and shade all the gaps.

 Step3. Using Moot Green I highlighted the upper areas of the feet, legs, backpack, shoulders, hands and head.
Step4. I continued highlighting using Moot Green and Flesh Gitz Yellow mixing it with a ratio of 2:1 and then 1:1.

Step5. The final highlight was done with a Mix of Green and Yellow 1:2. After that, I painted all the details of the model.

You can find some examples of finished units painted using this method over here:

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Hope this tutorial will help. Have a nice day,


  1. Great article! Your process produces very nice results

  2. Really a great article.
    I think I'll be using this for Sons of Medusa.
    Awesome job and thank you for sharing!

  3. It looks great. I think you really did a good job with your salamander. But will any brand of paints give such result?

  4. Do you use the same technique on the more detailed models as well?

  5. I will be starting a Salamander army soon, Thanks for this "How To" page.

  6. Since when did the Salamanders start wearing such cartoony bright green armor?! Don't get me wrong, the mini turned out pretty good but I've always preferred the original paint scheme and I'm curious why the Dark Angels adopted that color instead.