Friday, June 15, 2012

The Forgefather

     I finished Vulkan Hestan, the Salamander Chapter Primark. My favorite think about this model is his purity seal on his power weapon, I made if from a thin metal plate. Now the whole Green as a Lizard Project is finished and all that's left is some nice group photos and a nice case for them and they will be set to go on eBay and get ready to fight their 1st battle.

Have a nice day,


  1. AWESOME!!! I need you to work for me man!

  2. Vulkan He'stan is not the primarch. He is the Forgefather, which is a holy title of the Salamanders chapter. The primarch Vulkan is MIA. It's the forgefather's duty to search the galaxy for relics left by the primarch, as clues to his location.

  3. But you did a great job making a replica of the Forgefather model.

  4. i want it on ebay i would buy that vulkan for £18