Thursday, June 7, 2012

Bring in the big guns

     Salamander Project near finish. I finally acquired some TL-Autocanons and now the Dreadnought of the Salamander Chapter is complete. I really like him with this weapon choice. He looks like a true artillery monster shooting up enemy tanks into pieces, If you are a monstrous creature, seeing him makes you run for cover. There is just a Razorback and Vulkan-Hestan to finish up the whole project.

     Also the client that commissioned me the Daemon Prince of Nurgle model now wants me to paint him as well so those are some awesome news. Btw, if anyone knows the winner of the SA Contest, could you inform him that he won the prize , he hasn't contact ed me about it.


1 comment:

  1. Beautiful green color dude, it looks awesome. I think lava effect need more red, because it´s very striking and rest importance to the Dread, and some lava lighting would be nice too, but it´s a personal opinion!