Wednesday, January 16, 2013

In love with the dark side I'd found

    Good Morning all. So the first one is already getting done. Forge World Dreadnought arrived first. Because of my overlooking I didn't notice that the Dreadnought is sold without any weapon options. So I had to make some of my loyalist Dread hands that I had in stock. I gave them a bit of a chaos taint and they fit nicely. Both hands are magnetized so it will be easy to swamp them when needed.

    I must say at the start I wasn't a big fan of Nightlords but the more models I do and get deeper into them, the more I realize that they are the best resemblance in WH40K to the Vampire Counts from WFB and all you veteran Den visitors know how I love a good vampire.

     Before any models arrived, I already started working on the display base. Here are Ultramarine corpses. Some of you probably saw this on my Facebook. Hope you like.

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