Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Ave Dominus Nox!

     Deep strike protocol proceeding. When you see them you will shit bricks. I wouldn't want to run into those guys. Ok back to reality. Just need to base them to finish the killer look. My fave guys are the second from the right side. I call him "tyranid slayer" and the shield guy. Oh who am I kidding, the whole five guys kick ass from here to the warp.

    On the project status the marines are getting frozen as we speak. The resin needs to harden f\or 3 days so no display board for you for next few days.  Don't worry I will have some other eye candy for you in upcoming days. I have begin working on the DP and I'm going to start a contest in which you will be able to win a prize. Excited? This project is getting so close to its final destination. I can't wait.

Feed your Imagination,


  1. how do you paint the blue of their armor?

  2. Awesome. What is your recipe for awesome sauce anyway?

    1. Chaos beacon and some Tyranid blood. You mix it with a chainsword and there you have it.