Friday, February 15, 2013

Horus the Lunar Wolf

    Hidden from your eyes for a long time, Horus the Lunar Wolf finally comes to the public. This one was a really fun model to build. I really like the winter theme on this guy. He is mounted on a 40mm round base which is removable from the display piece. Hope you like him.  The picture on the left was the inspiration for this project.

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Feed your Imagination,


  1. Really nicely done. I struggle with blending whites so I shall be book marking this for inspiration!

  2. Very nice. Best depiction of the loyalist Horus I've ever seen.

  3. Man, he is just great, really loved that you've used NMM for him.
    Hope you don't mind if i'll 'steal' your idea about powerfist with twinlinked bolters ;)

  4. That is incredible!I agree with Zab, this is the best Horus model I've seen.

  5. Wow! You do amazing work! How much would a commission like this cost? Or perhaps a better question is, how much did it cost you to put this guy together? Amazing! Really awesome modeling.