Saturday, February 16, 2013

Nightlord Terminator Lord

     Hello Ladies and Gentlemen. Got a Nightlord Lord for you today. See what I did there "lord lord" hehe. It was lots of fun on this guy. On the conversion part I used many different bits. Banner is from the New Dark Angel Terminator box set and those wings are from a Vampire Counts Winged Lord blister. They are from his little bat-minion. The axe hand is from FW Lord Zhufor. The finishing touch are the cool Bat wings instead of regular spikes with trophies which we often see on Chaos Terminators.
     As far as painting goes I made him glow in the same color as all the lightning effects on him to represent that he is overflowing with destructive electric forces. 

This is the digital image I was inspired by to create the freehand on the Lord's Banner. Not a lot of surface but the bigger the challenge the more fun it is ^^.

Feed your Imagination,


  1. Really nice. I especially like freehand banner and shoulder wings.

  2. You have totally nailed this project. Everything for it is a 10 in my books. The snowy bases really set it all off too.