Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Mini for the winner

    Some time ago, actually a long time ago I started a Subscriber Appreciation Contest in which you could win a free commission for a single character mini. I randomly took the name out of the pot and announced the winner.  But the winner didn't claim the prize so I didn't bother with the SAC anymore until he contacted me after several months and asked if he can still claim it.  I said yes, there was no time limit on the claiming.  He told me that he would want a free mini and that he collects Dark Eldar.  So I made him a custom made Archon. Hope he's happy with it .

Feed your Imagination,


  1. Looks great and bloody nice of you to do it.

  2. Looks fantastic as does all of your work. I think the SAC is a great idea as well

  3. Very nicely sculpted fabrics. Good of you to do this after so long.