Saturday, December 22, 2012

Dark Angels OM NOM NOM

    Hey guys, I got a present for all you Dark Angel lovers. Influenced by recent news I'm going to begin working on a massive amount of Dark Angels. The list is long and will grow most probably. For now there is all that's on the pictures and about 30 Tactical guys that I haven't photographed yet. 

  I got seven Ravenwing bikes, two Squads with a sergeant and a plasma gun. I like what they did in the Dark Vengeance box set with angling the wings of the bike a bit to the back but the old ones are quite nice as well.

    I also have been building up a veteran unit of Dark Angels, don't know if eight guys is enough.

    DEATHWING! Ohhh yeah I just love the Deathwing, it's one of my favorite armies. I'll probably do about 30-40 of those so it's going to be a lot of room for some neat conversions which makes me soo happy.

   I took the head from Chaplain Seraphicus and made another chaplain based on it. I think he's quite ok. He's the guy in the left side of the picture. So now I got a total of 4 Chaplains a Chapter Master and a Librarian.

Feed your Imagination,


  1. Can wait to see 'em with paint! Nice GS work too BTW.

  2. Yo Brovatar!

    Just wanted to use the holiday season to tell you how much I enjoy your blog! Quality stuff on here, keep it up!


    1. Thanks man! That goes the same for you. I hope i can get some extra cash next year and get my hands on these models from Paintingbuddha They are quite awesome ^^.

  3. thank you for information and i hope i will use it in fact i will be doing a devistiors with them- Dark Angel Veterans.