Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Khorne Week #2 Hellbrute

     Hail Khorne! How is everyone doing this bloody week? Today I present to you a brutal pound of daemonic flesh locked in a metallic shell with used to be a blood angels dreadnought but now is a servant to Khorne's will.  OK, now let's talk about the model itself. I really wanted to show that the poor bastard who is locked inside is tormented by the extreme temperatures. That's why I painted the melta gun in a bright yellowish tone to represent the heat. I have to say that the Hellbrute is my personal favorite model from the Dark Vengeance set, the amount of details that go into this beast is just ridiculous.

Bring more Blood!


  1. guess, it's just wash/gloss over the image to get this glow-alike effect?
    Looks good, hope i can replicate it :P

  2. An exceptional paint job as ever :-). Always inspired when I come here!