Friday, December 7, 2012

Khorne Week #6 Chaos Space Marines

    Those guys are really old models. To give them a fresh touch I dropped in a different Sergeant from the Chosen  with his backpack swap. I think he fits them quit well. I also gave some backpacks from the chosen to regular guys, they are much more fitting in my opinion. Just the Daemon Prince Gallery left to go and after that you will see the whole project finished an in its full glory, excited? I know I am. 

Feed your Imagination,


  1. Great job. You really made the most of these older models. Seeing the basic CSM after seeing the newer models in your posts really shows how clumsy the models are compared to the new models. It is a pity they didn't release a new basic CSM squad with the new releases. Good job on the painting. I am sure they must look stunning as a whole group together.

    1. Exactly... the old CSM should have bee replaced with a new design but Some back pack swapping made them decent unfortunately there wasn't enough for all of them. GW should be selling those Chaos Backpacks from Dark Vengeance separately I would buy a bunch myself right away. Any way thanks for your comment i really appreciate it.