Sunday, December 16, 2012

Thalable the Starving

     So another quick one for eBay. This is the fastest paint job on a large sized model that I painted ever. I build him Friday and he's already finished.
     I did some zenithal highlights on this one. I really like the skin tone I managed to achieve with this technique.  I know that a lot of people like the Nurgle guys all bloated up and rather fat but I thought that Daemon Prince for fantasy would look cool being slim and rotten away like a zombie as a spell caster should be. For his left hand I used a crypt horror hand. I placed a spell book which DP is using to summon some slimy Nurgle spawn. For his right hand I went with the original Daemon Prince kit. This hand was meant to be much larger and more muscular so it would indicate that he uses this limb to slaughter through mortal ranks.
     Here are Cmon and eBay links. Hope you like this hideous beast.

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  1. He seems a bit "under fed" for a Nurgle Daemon Prince :D