Sunday, December 9, 2012

Khorne Week #8 Lake of Fire

     The display base is done. Finally I can present you all the fruits of my work. I'm quite in love with this piece probably most impressive work of mine to date. Finishing such a project gives me so much energy and inspiration to start another one. It's most rewarding to see this done. Looking at it from a distance makes me feel like I'm watching a science fiction movie. It's a quite awesome feeling I must say. Khorne would be proud.

   So I think that we can end Khorne week with this one, don't you. I hope that it was a blast and I didn't disappoint. Let's review. This week was mainly about finishing this project. We had a lot of Chaos Space Marines. From the newer models we had the new Hellbrute and Chosen of Khorne and from the older ones we had a Daemon Prince of Khorne and some regular CSMs and let's not forget Kranon. Also just before the KW started I made a Tutorial on painting Khorne Marines but I think it fits in the frames of this event nicely.

     If you are actually interested in buying the minis for yourself here's an eBay link feel free to drop me an offer on eBay.

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     Remember that I also take commissions for such display pieces so if you would like to have one done for your existing model or a build up from scratch I will be happy to accept such a commission.

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  1. Wygląda bardzo dobrze, świetnie się te popękane, kamienne podstawki zgrywają z podstawką ogólną. Najsłabszym elementem jest pryskająca lawa, ten element mało przekonująco wyszedł. Ale wrażenie ogólne bardzo dobre, świetnie wygląda całościowo.

  2. Wow, just Wow. Seeing everything combined really does look great. Well done.

  3. I really like how you had the bases fit in with the terrain using the cracks in the rock. nice work!

  4. Hola
    en una palabra alucinante
    un saludo

  5. Absolutely beautiful, I couldn't imagine selling something that looks that good!